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JoyConBoyz Forever Zine

The JoyConBoyz Forever Zine was a nonprofit project, spearheaded by myself in the Summer of 2019. The art book was created in memory and celebration of an online creator known as Etika, after their unfortunate passing.

In the end, the zine ended up being 230 pages long, featuring work from over 125 contributors, and concluded with shipping over 165 copies worldwide (later being available as a free PDF download).

I lead the project, serving as the one who put everything together in InDesign, managed the social media, created the marketing graphics and shipped every order. I worked alongside the project's Lead Graphic Designer who designed the general layout of the zine, the project's two Writers, who contributed to the forward as well as the project's Web Developer who created the promotional website for the zine.


Program(s) Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adove InDesign

Logo Design

The name JoyConBoyz derives from a classic Etika clip in which while live, he presented a fake Nintendo Switch mockup prior to the console's release, passing it off as real. During which he shouted "JoyCon Boyz!!", from which the name of his fan base was born.

The logo for the JoyConBoyz Forever zine is a combination of the Nintendo Switch JoyCon logo and Etika's iconic E emblem. The color accents in the logo are reminiscent of the colors of the standard blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers.

Page Layouts
Promotional Graphics

A number of promotional graphics were created throughout the duration of this project. These were shared on the project's Twitter account, to inform fans of important pre-order dates as well as the progress of the project.

Days to Launch
Launch Banner
Percentage Funded
Free PDF Announcement
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