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Rob a Bank Music Video

This is an animated music video to part of the song 'Rob a Bank' by the artist Confetti.

The frame animation was done in Photoshop, with some tweening and the editing done in Premiere.

Program(s) Used

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere

Character Design

When designing the protagonist of this animation, the goal was to create a character that fit with the theming, and was visually interesting, without being overly complex to draw, in order to reduce animation workload. I experimented with a number of iterations, before moving forward with our froggy fiend as we know him.

RaB Character Concept 1.png
RaB Character Concept 2.png
RaB Character Concept 3.png
RaB Character Concept 4.5.png
RaB Character Concept 4.png

This was a project that I had in my mind for a while, so going into it, I already had a good idea of the direction of the animation. That being said, I did a number of sketches in order to plan out scene composition and storyboarded a few scenes to more soldily plan how the animation would go.

RaB Sketch 1.png
RaB Sketch 3.png
RaB Sketch 2.png
RaB Storyboard1.png
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